Saturday, July 2, 2011

Discovering how to survive the Summer heat.

Today, I learned a very valuable lesson about babies and 90 degree weather. I took Collin down town for a few hours while we waited for my husband to get off work. For those that don’t know, down town Santa Cruz can be a sensory overload for anyone of any age on a good day, between roaring motorcycles, street musicians, and throngs of tourists who push and shove and  all try to talk above each other. Add to that the 4th of July weekend, and it is mayhem. I should have thought ahead about how busy down town would be, but I can barely think in the present these days, let alone think ahead. And, really, I believe Collin would have been able to handle it all if it weren’t for the blazing heat. After about ten minutes in the sun, my poor little guy just melted. He wanted to nurse, but he also didn’t want to nurse and made such a fuss that he started choking. He wanted to be pushed in the stroller, but at the same time, he didn’t want anything to do with it, and protested loudly right in front of the most prestigious yoga studio in Santa Cruz.

Eventually, I stripped him down to his diaper and held him in the Moby wrap, where he eventually sobbed himself to sleep and nearly gave us both heat stroke, as our combined body heat turned us into a giant human fireball. At one point, I even ditched the diaper, in hopes that he could cool down, or at the very least cheer up a little. I’ve never met anyone who loves to be naked as much as Collin. It worked, for a little while, until the looming threat of stray bodily fluids coerced me into putting his diaper back on.

Finally, my husband was off work and took him for me, at which point Collin forgot he was ever upset in the first place and turned into a cuddly angel. Collin loves his father with drooly adoration that sometimes reminds me of a lovesick puppy. Its been that way since day 1. I’ll admit, there have been moments where it kind of makes me want to strangle the nearest thing, but in all honesty, there is nothing I want more than for my son to have a happy, loving relationship with his father. Isn’t that what any parent would want? Besides, I think he’s starting to realize I’m more than just the milk maid. Today, in the car, he stared and stared at me until I took off my sunglasses, at which point it dawned on him who I was and he gave me big smiles.

So, when its all said and done, I’ve learned it’s best to stick to cooler activities when the summer heat is out to get you and your baby. Stick to the beach, the pool, a stroll in the shade. Done.

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  1. Babies can dangerously overheat much more easily than adults.