Monday, July 11, 2011

Discovering sad pets and Buddhaisms

So tonight, we force fed our cat his flea medication, and for the first time, he was too desperate for attention to sulk for hours afterward. Like Eyore, he just seemed to say, “Thanks for noticing me.” I joke that our cat and our friend V’s (also a new mama) dog should form a “Forgotten pets” club. It’s funny, because our cat was practically the center of my universe before the baby arrived. Before the baby, our cat was the baby. I would fuss and fret over him like I do now with Collin, and my poor kitty seems to follow me around a lot these days, looking at me as if to say, “Was it something I said?”

I switched cell phone plans and got a new phone this weekend, FINALLY. Not that I won’t miss the freezing screen and random shutting off of my old phone...ahem...

I have been so absorbed with my new toy that I accidentally stayed up until three in the morning last night (“Night” being a relative term for that hour) downloading apps like Buddha quotes. If you think that was a waste of precious time I should have spent, you know, sleeping like a normal person, you would be correct. However, try this quote on for size:

“What you think, you become.” -Buddha.

Deep, eh?

Anyway, aside from some really fun new applications, I’ve also been enjoying taking videos and pictures. Husband and I have discovered just how much Collin loves watching videos of himself. I mean, loves. I do not foresee any self-esteem issues in the future with this child, as he has also discovered how awesome it is to stare at himself in the mirror. We have a little baby mirror that hangs above his car seat, and he spends quite a bit of time flirting with himself, grinning and half-winking, and you can almost hear him thinking, “Hello, gorgeous! We meet again.”

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