Friday, September 9, 2011

Discovering "The Big Trip"

So it's time for The Big Trip. As discussed in a previous entry, The Big Trip is our first trip together as a family, down to Southern California (from Northern California), a 5-7 hour car ride without a baby in tow. Due to family circumstances, we have been on stand-by for exactly when we could make The Big Trip, and found out three days ago that we would be going. That has been a hidden blessing, because it gave me very little time to panic over the details, like I tend to do with things of this nature.

Where will we stay? How will the baby do in the car? What if the car breaks down? What if the baby has a hard time getting adjusted to a new place and new faces? What if there is an earthquake/ flood/ car accident/ apocalypse?

Meanwhile, I have been in various states of packing since I found out we were going, and I'm trying really hard to tame my inner compulsive over-packer. I think I'm doing an OK job...the first aid kit only has necessities in it (that probably won't even be used), and a big suit case that used to overflow with all my things when I traveled as a single person now houses my whole family's clothes. I've taken it upon myself to pack all three of us, the first time I've ever packed for a family. Not only do I really feel like a mom right now, I am bewildered at how much you need to pack for a baby. His bath tub, all his favorite books and toys (plus some he hasn't played with yet to keep him entertained in the car), his walker, his bibs, his burp cloths, his everything. How do people do it with more than one??

Well, here's to safe travels!

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