Saturday, November 19, 2011

Where's the tutorial for pureed Elmo?

Has anyone noticed how confusing it is to feed a baby solid food? One source tells you to make sure they eat rice cereal at least once a day, another source tells you to avoid it altogether because it's hard to digest. But the last source said it was easy to digest. Well, which is it?? I hate playing Russian roulette with my child's digestive system.

By the way, I think it actually is hard to digest. I fed Collin a ton of it when he was sick because I wanted him to get the antibodies from the breastmilk that I used to thin it. He got constipated, and I mean constipated. I guess everything in moderation, right?

I'm trying to make baby food from scratch, but it's difficult to do, as we're in a studio apartment and there is no escaping the roar of the blender. The blender (along with the vacuum, a hearty sneeze, or just about any loud sudden noise) has always had the power to send Collin into a full-scale panic that requires ten minutes of singing, bouncing, and peeling him off my head before eventually resorting to Elmo. Oh Elmo, you red, squeaky beast. I have such a love/hate relationship with Elmo. Collin really doesn't care for childrens' TV shows except for Elmo. We've had to scale Elmo back a little because I was unsettled at just how much Collin was actually watching. For the most part, we keep Elmo on stand-by for the times we really need Collin to shut up already be distracted with something, but I still feel like Sesame Street should charge me for babysitting. Don't judge me, how else am I supposed to take a shower??

I find it kind of cute /ironic/ payback that Collin loves Elmo like he does, as I remember hearing stories of my own Sesame Street obsession when I was a youngin'. Ahhh, life has a funny way.

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