Thursday, December 29, 2011

Discovering Collin's first winter holidays.

The December holidays have come and gone in a whirlwind, especially dizzying and chaotic this year. But in a good way. That's how December holidays are; you wait all year for them, they sneak up behind you while you're busy eating turkey, and then they run away again just when you are feeling full of holiday sugar. I mean, spirit. I'm always left a little melancholy after the Autumn/ December holidays have gone. I want to chase after them, convince them to stay a little longer. Let every day feel special for just a little longer. I didn't drink enough eggnog or listen to enough carols, or send fudge to my relatives (again).

Ah, but alas, life goes on. There is the new year to look forward to, and then the flowers of spring and Collin's first birthday. Plus, the weight I've vowed to loose after the sugar orgy that was my holiday season.

I think the holidays this year were especially blurry because I spent it in constant motion, chasing after Collin who can now crawl, climb, and scale just about everything. It's kind of funny to watch him chase after our giant fluffy cat with a maniacal grin on his face, shrieking at a pitch that would rupture the strongest of ear drums. Poor kitty. A good example of our life with the baby at this time would be our Christmas tree, which wasn't actually a tree, but a string of lights taped to the wall in the shape of a tree. Much easier not to tear down and destroy.

I hope everyone had happy holidays : )

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