Friday, November 15, 2013

I'm pregnant. I'm very, very pregnant. Also, I'm sometimes a doggie.

I've gained about twenty pounds already during this pregnancy. The odd thing is,  I don't even really think about it or notice it until I'm bumping into things with my (giant) ass. When you have really rapid weight gain, it's like your body spatial awareness doesn't really keep up, and you forget how much room of your surroundings you take up. That's why you keep getting slammed by your toddler when you push him on the swing, or why things seem to get knocked over every time you walk past them. Or maybe it's just me.

I'm also at that point in my pregnancy where my back is like, "See ya later! It's been fun!" It hung in there for a while, but now it's not messing around anymore. It hurts, all the time. The worst part is, being a productive person exacerbates it. Want to do a sink full of dishes? You will pay for that. And just TRY bending over to scrub the toilet. At this point in my last pregnancy,  I just about gave up on life.  I stopped doing everything. (This is the part where my husband earns the Nobel Prize for cleaning up after my sorry self with a smile on his face). I'm determined not to go there this pregnancy, and I might not really have a choice, considering this time around, I have a little miniature person following me, needing me to do stuff all the time. What's up with that?

So our Netflix broke the other week, and I'm really not that sad about it. It's actually been pretty nice. I will admit, I was using it as a bit of a crutch with Collin. A way for him to be occupied and let me get something done around the house. Well, the house has been a little messier lately, but I'm embracing that, because Collin has been watching next to no TV, and we're all doing better for it. Collin spends more time being imaginative and helping me around the house ("Helping" being a relative term, but he seems very pleased with himself when he has a job to do). There have been more moments for us to laugh together during the day. More time to play. This morning, he requested that I sing Christmas carols, only I have to bark the carols because I'm actually  a doggie and he is a "Dancing guy." (Think of the battery operated holiday novelty toys you see at drug stores this time of year that play music and dance around). So, I barked and Collin flailed about, and every now and then his batteries would die and need to be replaced with my doggie paws. We were a sight to behold, I'm sure. There have been lots of moments like that around here, lately, and that's why I am not worried about when Netflix will be fixed.

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