Friday, November 29, 2013

The aftermath of Thanksgivukuh

Today, the day after The Big Thanksgivukuh, was such a giant parade of laziness,  I don't quite know how to describe it.  Husband was home all day.  I took a shower AND a bath. Collin watched Planes on the iPad AND the cell phone. Oh, and I also put bean dip and a spoon in front of him and called it lunch. Are you feeling better about your parenting at my expense, yet? If not, please go ahead.

In fact,  I am often humbled by my own, um, "alternative" parenting. Alternative in the sense that I seem to be living in this alternate reality where I do the complete opposite of everything I thought I'd do as a mother, before I became a mother. Examples:

*My kid eats processed sugar. Like, all the time.

*My kid watches shows on Netflix. A lot.  My Netflix suggestions are now completely unrelated to my personal likes and dislikes. (No, Netflix,  I do not want to watch Bob The Builder).

*Sometimes, my kid will go days without eating a vegetable. DAYS.

Right now, though, it's the day after a big holiday, and we're living in holiday vacation mode, where just about anything goes. Apparently, it's a cardinal sin to do anything productive whilst in holiday vacation mode, and that most definitely includes cleaning. Please, please don't let anyone randomly stop by my house for a visit until Monday, when I have a reason to get my sh** together. Because, right now? Right now, there are still turkey organs on my kitchen counter, our dinner table is still stretched five miles long across our living room, and my house looks like the contents have just EXPLODED all over the place. Like, a herd of crazy monkeys must have run through here and just thrown everything around. That's what it looks like.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgivukuh! We did. Long live holiday vacation mode! (Seriously, please don't come to my house).


  1. Hi there, I popped over from Renegade Mothering and ended up staying a bit :) You write really well and your writing has such an honest feel, I love it! Your little boy is adorable. Happy parenting to you guys, I'm sure I'll be back :)

  2. Your posts make me laugh. Hope you're enjoying this round of holiday vacations too!

    1. Thank you, Angela! Hope you had happy, lazy holidays :)